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Kinding Sindaw / Melayu Heritage


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Mambo Diva


Griselle Ponce, well known in dance circles in NYC, NJ and PA will be hosting a workshop series with us (WOC). She has performed venues both in the US and abroad and is dance partner with World Famous Mambo King Eddie Torres'. Griselle has her own studio, The House of Dance 173 Passaic St. in Passaic, NJ 973.685.2624.



Yuki Komiyama was born in Japan and graduated from Osaka University where she majored in the Performing Arts. She began teaching dance at Osaka University in 1996 and later toured internationally both performing and teaching contemporary dance.

Yuki came to New York in 2003 where she trained with Eddie Torres, the renowned New York Club Style Salsa instructor. She has performed at various venues in New York City such as Mambo Fateez, Mambo Mama's, Moves and Swing 46. Yuki currently offers private lessons and assists Eddie & Maria Torres in their extended Mambo classes.

Yuki also teaches the Alexander Technique, in which tension is eradicated through her intervention and guidance. Many musicians, athletes, dancers, and actors enroll in her course.


Anandi, is a former member of “Tsisapers” which is Israel’s largest ballroom dance company. A certified Yoga Instructor and currently performing with the infamous Eddie Torres while acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in dance and combining it with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. She’s a trained professional and brings a holistic approach to her lessons ... get ready!

The inimitable Jose Papo Diaz was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. Pursuing a natural talent for dance through his early years, Papo took up formal lessons in New York City with the distinguished club style Latin dance teacher, Eddie Torres. Following twelve years of intense training, Papo began teaching friends and family and soon started offering formal On 2 Salsa lessons.

His curriculum consists primarily of the fundamentals and social aspects of the dance. His teaching style focuses on the standard dance steps and turn patterns used in today's Salsa dance scene.

Papo has successfully taught thousands of students throughout the Princeton/Trenton corridor. Many have gone onto teach on their own and others perform with dance companies and studios.

The children are students at the Arts Council of Princeton where they study with Lisa Botalico. They range in ages from 6 years old to 9 years old. They recently performed with the Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre in their production of Sueno de Una Nina, a Spanish Dance Ballet based on the story of the Nutcracker Ballet, This was directed and written by Lisa Botalico and was presented at the Richard Marrasco Theatre and for the Piscataway Arts Council. The students perform annually at Communiversity.

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Franck Mucel was born in Martinique. He is the President of Association Caraibeenne of International Events, which he founded in 1999. This organization has grown to 250 members worldwide.

Franck has been the Entertainment Director for numerous resort hotels. In 2003, Franck became a professor of Latin dance in Paris and toured with the company of Isis Figaro for three years. Beginning in 1996, he began learning the New York Salsa style under the tutelage of Eddie Torres and Yamulee Dance Company, both out of New York City.

Franck is a Professor of dance in Djoniba Drum Dance Center in Manhattan specializing in Bele Beguine, Mazurka and Salsa. He is also the founder and owner of MYEL Productions LLC, an organization, which creates social events combining dance and Caribbean culture.


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Felix Pupy Insua was born in La Habana, Cuba and attended Grupo Aficionados De Cuba, a prestigious school for the arts. A featured performer with Grupo Yoruba Andabo, he formed his own folkloric group, Oriki, comprised of Cuba's finest young artists.

Pupy emigrated to the United States in 1995. His natural talents were quickly recognized and today he is considered one of the finest Afro-Cuban/Rumba dancers in the world.

Dame La Mano, an award-winning documentary about Rumba, follows Pupy's life from the streets to the classroom and to the stage. He has also appeared in other films including Calle 54, a documentary on Latin Jazz, and Pinero. He has performed with numerous orchestras, including Paquito de Rivera. His illustrious career has let him on tours throughout the world.


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Born in Manhattan but raised in Ecuador, Michael Andino moved to New Jersey in his early teens. He was first introduced to Salsa in 2000 but by 2001, through dedication and hard effort, he became both a performer and an invaluable dance instructor. Michael is known for helping the beginner-level dancer feel comfortable and confident. He always reinforces his most important rule--To have fun.

Michael s repertoire of Latin dancing includes Salsa as well as Bachata, Cha-cha-cha Casino Rueda, and Mambo. He has performed at Salsa congresses both nationally and internationally.

Michael is a founding member of Art in Motion Latin Dancers and founded a successful children's dance group, Kids Con Estilo. In 2006, Michael opened his own studio, Estilo Dance Studio, in Philadelphia.

Belly Dancing & Drumming

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The Drum & Dance Learning Center offers dance and percussion classes from cultures around the world. Weekly classes in Belly Dance, Zumba World Dance workout and more! These dance classes are an alternative to your everyday workout. Sweat, learn to dance and have fun while doing it!

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He began dancing Tango in October 1996. Since then he has made Tango the central focus of his life. He has studied with many of the important maestros of the dance such as Carlos Gavito, Carlos and Alicia Gomez, Jose Garofolo, The Firpo's, Fabian Salas, Carina Losano and Pablo Fontana, Andrea Misse and Leandro Palou, Gabriel Misse and Maria Sol Alcomora, Cacho Dante, Susana Miller, Pablo Pugliese, and Nito and Elba Garcia.

Vittoria has been dancing Argentine Tango since June 1994. Her interest in the dance began after reading the article Four Legs, One Heart in the Washingtonian Magazine. The article truly inspired her to seek instruction for the dance. She has also studied jazz, salsa, merengue, swing, bolero, Latin hustle, and rumba. For the past four years Vittoria has devoted her energy and love of dance to Argentine Tango. She has studied both extensively in the United States and Buenos Aires, embracing the Argentine culture.

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Afro-Cuban Band

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Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Pedro Pablo Martinez began his musical career at the young age of 11, performing as vocalist and percussionist in an Afro-Cuban folkloric ensemble directed by Juan Bencomo and featured at the renowned García Lorca theatre. Singing and percussion would prove to be the dual path along which Pedro’s development was to continue, as well as the unique feature that would eventually become the hallmark of his then budding career, that which sets him apart from many of his contemporaries even today.



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