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2011 Events
Summer 2011 Outdoor Event
Fundraiser for Japan

Sundays, 5pm-8pm
June 26, July 24, Aug. 21
Albert Hinds Plaza in Princeton NJ
(Witherspoon St., in front of Princeton Public Library)
Princeton NJ 08540
Message from our friend and Dance Instructor
Yuki and her daughter Maria
Read what Yuki's 8 year old daughter
Maria wrote about Japan:
By:Maria Komiyama

May 29, 2010 The Japan Disaster Japan had an earthquake and a tsunami. It caused a lot of trouble. As you know it happened in the north of japan. It had damaged many houses, buildings, and many other. A lot of people were swept away with the tsunami to. It also caused many, many fire. Sadly many people died so rescuers are on the search every where. So far they found at least 2,700 body's but they know there is many many more. They say at least 3,000 more body out in japan. It is very sad, many people lost they're family and they are on the look out. After the tsunami and earthquake happened a nuclear plant exploded. But just then a second one exploded AND then a Third one exploded and far it has gone up to FOUR explosion of nuclear plant.


"it has made me feel very worried since my family lives there. I also want to help some how. One way is by making this paper, I can tell people and they can pass it on. Which means when you read this, you know you can help to! Also super markets are closed. One friend that lives in japan, went to a super market. When she took a step in there she noticed they sell no more food. And lines for car gas was so long maybe a hour! Also my allowance, I would like to donate it to my schools " Bake Sale For Japan". The process Of donating is- first: you buy some thing. Second: the people who baked has money. Third: you simply send it over! To me this is a really big opportunity. I would like to give them at least some thing, wouldn't you? Well, I am going to help japan but always remember you can help too!!! -

Maria Komiyama, age 8, NYC Sincerely yours
Thanks for your PARTICIPATION!
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